Voice Broadcast

What is Voice Broadcast?

Voice broadcasting technology enables your organization to automate sending out hundreds or even thousands of voice messages to prospective customers. Once prospects answer their phones they will here a short message about your business, product or service and given the option to press 1 to speak with you live.


How It Works

Our online tool make it easy for you get your campaign going with just a few clicks.

  • Upload or Call to record your audio massage
  • Upload your phone list
  • Schedule the date and time you want to broadcast it
  • Review your reports


  • Do-It-Yourself Instant Recording – Unlike other solutions, you can record your outgoing message instantly on the web using our Web Recorder. If you don’t have a PC microphone or headset, no problem! Use our Phone Recorder, which immediately calls you to record your message on your phone.
  • Self-Service Instant or Scheduled calls - You can start your Dixicast calls right away or schedule it for a later time. No need to wait and/or talk to a Sales Agent or Account Manager.
  • Phone Book and Importing Call Lists – Use the Phone Book to organize and save phone numbers you call regularly. You can also import calling lists using our “Import CSV File” functionality.
  • Answering Machine / VoiceMail Detection – Our system has an algorithm that detects most answering machines or voicemail sytems, and leaves the full message after the tone.
  • Call Reporting and Tracking - In the My Dixivox section, you can keep track of all the call details.
  • Superior Call Quality - We’ve built a fully integrated, propietary, scalable internet telephony network ensuring that you, and the recipients of your messages, experience clean and clear voice quality.

Ready to get started?

It's easy, simply create an account or login to your existing account. 


What clients say

The magic sauce with Dixivox is the automation. We can press one button to kick off a series of follow-up steps that none of us have to remember. It's literally 'set it and forget it.' Their telephony tools we use in our marketing like voice broadcasts, text messaging, and report make our lives much easier here.
Stephan Nasr, BLU Products