Fan Club

Fan Club SMS Messages can be a very efficient way to communicate with fan club members. Fan club SMS message can serve a variety of purposes ranging from entertainment to brand promotion and marketing, but the different types of fan club SMS messages have some elements in common that fan club administrators should be aware of.

SMS messages allow for direct, instant communication with fan club members through their cell phones or mobile devices and can also provide a way for members of fan clubs to provide feedback or input. Fan clubs come in a variety of forms, ranging from those supporting entertainers and artists to those promoting a business, brand, or product.

Many ways Your SMS messages fan club can be used:

  • To alert members about special events
  • To share important or interesting news
  • To announce new releases
  • To offer special deals or contests
  • To get feedback from fan club members

Examples of how this can work to help organizations and their fans:

  • An artist can alert fans about a last-minute change of venue
  • A retail business can let fans know when a new product will be released and even offer a special coupon code to encourage customers to buy the new product as soon as it’s available
  • A band can have a contest for fans who attend a performance to win a chance to meet the band. The winner would receive a special message on their cell phone at the concert that they would use to get in to  meet the band after the show
  • A sports team can let fans buy early tickets or get a discount on tickets or special seats
  • An entertainer can announce his or her tour schedule first to fan club members
  • A company that is designing a new product can get input from fan club members, such as by finding out what features they are most interested in

What clients say

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