Radio & TV Stations

Dixivixo has developed software which can assist radio and tv stations to interact dynamically with audiences by harnessing the power of SMS text messaging. Radio represents the dominant media source for many and SMS is increasingly being used by radio stations to facilitate two-way communication with listeners.

Dixivox Communicator platform suite enables TV and radio stations to create and manage SMS Events – including competitions, polls, surveys, voting, games and Text-A-Request.

Key Features

  • Launch opinion polls or voting to get public feedback
  • Analyze the response of a certain program or event by user interaction
  • Launch SMS contents and reward all the winning candidates to build popularity
  • Earn revenues by increasing end user interaction on shortcode 56263.
    (High volumes required)
  • Facilitate your customers to fetch desired information on movie, event, news, etc. via SMS
  • SMS based consumer survey

What clients say

The magic sauce with Dixivox is the automation. We can press one button to kick off a series of follow-up steps that none of us have to remember. It's literally 'set it and forget it.' Their telephony tools we use in our marketing like voice broadcasts, text messaging, and report make our lives much easier here.
Stephan Nasr, BLU Products