Emergency Alert & Notification

Emergency Alert & Notification

Let the people know about important lifesaving information when emergency situation arise. Alerting the population can mean life and death to many citizens. Dixivox can help reach out the whole Haitian population within hour.
Use Voice Broadcast to alert the population on time especially during hurricanes season and other natural disasters that require evacuation in short period of time. Message Broadcast via an automated phone system is one of the best ways to alert population.

  • Emergency Alert/Notification
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Public Announcements
  • Hurricanes Alert
  • Health Warning Alert

Political Campaign

Dixivox political automated phone calls are the most cost-effective way to reach your constituents. The cost is minimal compared to other media, and the effectiveness is unsurpassed. Automated calling will allow your campaign to target your message to your constituents, give them valuable information, and help you capture valuable data to win your election. Also, unlike other media, you will be able to reach your constituents exactly at the time of day of your choosing. You can place your calls in the middle of the day, or in the evening.

Key Benefits:

  • Personalize your campaign and reach thousands of voters at once.
  • Easy to use, no hardware or software required.
  • Call Transferring to Live Operator
  • Cost-effective, great impact for your dollar investment.
  • Reminder get out the vote (GOTV) calls
  • Launch new campaigns in minutes. Respond quickly to sudden changes during election time.
  • Increase awareness of your position on key subject matters.
  • Poll the community to get feedback and see immediate results with real-time online reporting.
  • Encourage voters to vote! Create campaigns quickly before and on election day.
  • Volunteer Notification Robo Calling
  • Announce local event updates to get greater attendance.
  • And more….

What clients say

The magic sauce with Dixivox is the automation. We can press one button to kick off a series of follow-up steps that none of us have to remember. It's literally 'set it and forget it.' Their telephony tools we use in our marketing like voice broadcasts, text messaging, and report make our lives much easier here.
Stephan Nasr, BLU Products