Why 411 Services In Haiti

411 services have been used around the world to provide valuable information to those who need it in an instant. While 411 directory services have been probably been used to the most extent for entertainment like finding movie times, restaurants and more, they are at their most valuable for finding critical services in times of great need. In particular this means being able to locate security, shelter, pharmacies, food distribution centers and hospitals in times of crisis.

This is clearly a crucial tool and form of technology that Haiti needs very badly. With a better 411 system in place at the time of the 2010 earthquake much more have could been done to help those in need. Still now many need access to this information quickly. Many are still need of help and need a source to get what they need and to pass on the information to others. 411 services offer an organized and efficient way to disseminate this critical information now and in the future. The damage and loss of life from future disasters and emergencies could clearly be minimized by an effective 411 system. If future hurricanes or earthquakes hit Haiti a successful 411 service could ensure individuals and families are able to make it to emergency medical facilities rapidly and find much needed food and shelter.

With support this same technology that can enable Haitians to seek out help can also be used in the reverse to to actually broadcast warnings throughout the country by phone cal or text message in order to advise of emergency situations and make sure people are prepared so that there are far fewer casualties. Beyond just hurricane and severe weather alerts these systems can also be used to spread the word about an array of health warnings. The need for these 411 services and warning systems in Haiti are clear, however they also need support in order to be developed and continue to operate efficiently.

What clients say

The magic sauce with Dixivox is the automation. We can press one button to kick off a series of follow-up steps that none of us have to remember. It's literally 'set it and forget it.' Their telephony tools we use in our marketing like voice broadcasts, text messaging, and report make our lives much easier here.
Stephan Nasr, BLU Products