Cheap Ways Candidates Can Reach Constituents in Haiti

Political campaigns, whether in Haiti or other parts of the world, always seem to cost extraordinary amounts of money and never appear to provide efficient time to connect with potential voters. This makes it extremely difficult for any candidate to feel that they have achieved bringing political awareness to all voters and that they have clearly and concisely communicated their political beliefs and positions to fellow countrymen and women. This is why some of the most intelligent and challenging campaigning decisions involve finding the best ways to cut costs and reach large amounts of people in shorter amounts of time.

Many political candidates this year in Haiti will try to find their best methods of advertising themselves to voters; whether it be interviewing with multiple newspapers and magazines, speaking on the radio about their political stance, speaking on television shows, or putting out televised commercial ads promoting their message. Some of these methods of advertising however can be extremely expensive, eating up a large potion of a candidate’s marketing and advertisement budget, leaving little left behind to work with or to spend on things they thought could really make a difference. The recent catastrophic earthquake of January 2010 has challenged some of these traditional methods of political campaigning, leaving candidates struggling to find ways to advertise to the current condition and state of the country. One of the new, efficient ways that is the most appropriate method for candidates to reach constituents in Haiti this year is Voice Message Broadcasting. Voice Message Broadcasting allows political candidates to reach thousands of potential voters through mobile or landline phones by simply recording a personalized message that is then sent to phones across the country. Voice Message Broadcasting allows candidates to express their political beliefs, positions, and goals to thousands of people at once and is extremely cost-efficient, easy to do, and very effective.

Voice Message Broadcasting allows candidates to inform voters in Haiti of upcoming local events, respond to any quick political changes, deliver a unified message that won’t allow room for competitors to challenge or contradict, and will give voters valuable information about the upcoming election. Considering the amount of services and the number of people that can be reached at once, Voice Message Broadcasting is extremely cheap—with minimal costs candidates have the potential to get maximum results. One of the most important factors in any political campaign is voter awareness. Haitians need to have access to resources that allow them to know exactly how their government is functioning today, and how each candidate proposes to change or modify what is already in existence. Voice Message Broadcasting allows candidates to bring awareness to voters by informing them of their recent developments in their political campaign by sending a personalized message to their hand-held devices. No other form of advertisement is as cheap, will reach as large of an audience, will immediately connect with voters, will provide you with real-time results of your campaigning efforts, and will allow you to get an edge over your competitor. Voice Message Broadcasting is not only an effective method to use for the upcoming election in Haiti this year, but it is a growing trend around the world that has shown remarkable results. With its effectiveness and budget-friendly features, Voice Message Broadcasting is an obvious choice for candidates in Haiti to use this year, and in all future years of elections.

What clients say

The magic sauce with Dixivox is the automation. We can press one button to kick off a series of follow-up steps that none of us have to remember. It's literally 'set it and forget it.' Their telephony tools we use in our marketing like voice broadcasts, text messaging, and report make our lives much easier here.
Stephan Nasr, BLU Products