What is IVR and How It Works?

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IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. Simply put, IVR is a form of technology that allows and automates interactions with people via the telephone. You have probably already encountered IVR in a number of it’s basic forms.

10 Ways to Use Voice Broadcasting in Your Business

Voice broadcasting is almost limitless in it’s uses and applications, but lets look at a few ways that you may want incorporate voice broadcasting into your business to reduce costs, add value and increase revenues:

Why 411 Services In Haiti

411 services have been used around the world to provide valuable information to those who need it in an instant. While 411 directory services have been probably been used to the most extent for entertainment like finding movie times, restaurants and more, they are at their most valuable for finding critical services in times of great need. In particular this means being able to locate security, shelter, pharmacies, food distribution centers and hospitals in times of crisis.

Cheap Ways Candidates Can Reach Constituents in Haiti

Political campaigns, whether in Haiti or other parts of the world, always seem to cost extraordinary amounts of money and never appear to provide efficient time to connect with potential voters. This makes it extremely difficult for any candidate to feel that they have achieved bringing political awareness to all voters and that they have clearly and concisely communicated their political beliefs and positions to fellow countrymen and women. This is why some of the most intelligent and challenging campaigning decisions involve finding the best ways to cut costs and reach large amounts of people in shorter amounts of time.